Cindra Kamphoff is a speaker, author, and certified mental performance consultant who helps individuals and teams gain the high-performance edge so they can thrive and reach new levels of potential.

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Grit Academy - Beyond Grit LIVE!

March 15 in Edina, MN + April 12 in Mankato, MN

In the Grit Academy, Dr. Cindra Kamphoff will share the strategies and tools she's taught executives, entrepreneurs, Olympians, and the Minnesota Vikings. Based on almost twenty years of research and consulting with the world's best, this training will help you embrace passion and purpose in our life and work.

You'll become more self-aware and learn how to master your thoughts and emotions to help you lead yourself, your family, and your team more effectively. Expect a high-energy, inspiring training where you will gain insights and practical strategies to help you up your game regardless of your field.

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